Thursday, November 19, 2009

sometime we realise we cant be what others want us to be or expect us to be. no matter how hard u try to blend in, it just wont work. I saw transformations around me. ada yang lawak, ada yang menyedihkan but mostly are positive leaps and bounds. some I just cant comprehend. who? the wannabes, dont be who your are not meant to be. Just be yourself.

Indifference has its own virtues. The world will never be as interesting as it is now if life itself is in monochrome. God is great.. allahuakhbar.

..apa benda yg aku mengarut ni. doesnt make sense does it? well so does this pic.. heheh

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hi.. my name is a combination of letters and a number. Im roaming in more than 10 countries worldwide and are causing quite a stir here in Malaysia. Im known to have originated from Mexico (and no Im not related to Speedy Gonzales or Nacho Libre). My origins is beleive to be mutated from several, 4 actually, of my earlier brothers..oh and all of them have somewhat similar names too. Im quite agile and i can multiply and move into a new home quite easily. Im proud to have put Malaysia as the top 10 country to have most reported casualty in the world (~40 and counting)...all because of me! oh maybe because I like the weather here...its a little bit like Mexico. Guess who I am...

Amazing Malaysia Pt 2

notice anything unique in particular in below pic..hehe. amazing.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Graphic Novels - I LIKE!

I like reading..a lot. In fact, its my ritual to read everyday (newspaper dont count LOL), at least before I doze off to sleep. I enjoy a good book and magazine and have my share of favorites...novels, mags, literature etc etc. One of my collection is graphic novels. So what the heck is a graphic novel? Its basically a combination of comic drawings and a novel. Comic? its for kids right? Wrong. Graphic novels is considered and rated for "mature readers" only and its storyline and literature rivals a good novel. Its short, comparing to novel, but combined with good drawings, youll have a totally new experince in reading.

As found in,24459,graphic_novels,00.html , grpahic novels is considered as :

"Graphic novel" is a vague moniker that gets applied to any extended form of comics, including non-fiction and short story collections. But here, at least, the term fits. Following the rules of the All TIME 100 books — focusing exclusively on book-length fictional stories originally written in English — Andrew D. Arnold are my best 3 graphic novel collections... :

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (DC Comics; 1986)One of the best-selling graphic novels of all time!(rated by Time) A 3 part book storyline which sets in a future Gotham city when Batman is in his 60’s and officially retired and forcefully re-ignites back into the dark knight as Gotham stumbles into trouble yet again.Miller masterpiece writing is awesome, combining the elements of both good literature, storyline and cut throat suspense. Yes, this is a “mature reader” grade “comic” and is a collector item for Batman hardcores.It this black comedy version of Batman's latter days masterfully combines satire with superhero antics without betraying it's central character's core of danger. My personal collection in original dust cover, I have all 3 part book in pristine condition!

Batman: The Killing Joke is an influential one-shot superhero comic book written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland, published by DC Comics in 1988. The best ever and considered as a classic encounter between Batman and his arc nemesis, The Joker (hence the cool title..The Killing Joke). The highlight: the shooting and crippling of Barbara Gordon by the Joker, an event which would lead her to adopt the role and identity of Oracle, a vital source of information for Batman and other super-heroes. I have the 1st edition, sealed in dust protection cover. 1st additions could fetch well over a hundred USD in mint grade condition overtime for collectors.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth , written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean. One of the best ever Batman novels. The storyline and drawings is second to none. Youll love Grant Morrison writings after you read this.. beleive me. I wish this book is made into a movie someday. Summary of story: The Joker summons Batman into Arkham Asylum to face all his enemy (yes..all.. Two Face, Joker, Zeus, Clayface, Croc, Mad Hatter..etc etc) which challenges his own insanity as well, through the dark history of the asylum. Cool ending as well.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazing Malaysia Pt 1

Its really amazing what you can find in Malaysia..great food, cool people, etc etc..but once in a while you ll find a truly unique masterpiece ..heres one. We stumbled into this weird thing in Penang recently.. at first I thought it was a torpedo..or a surfacing submarine.. what do you think? sighhhh...amazing isnt it?; )

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hello world..a humble start to my blog

Up here in my tree,
Newspapers matter not to me,
No more crowbars to my head,
I'm trading stories with the leaves instead,
Wave to all my friends,
They don't seem to notice me, no
All their eyes trained on the street,
Sidewalk cigarettes and scenes,

I remember when, I swore I knew everything,
Let's say knowledge is a tree,It's growing up just like me...